Social Action

Mitzvah_Afternoon_1.2In concert with the many programs available at Temple Oheb Shalom that serve our congregation internally, the Social Action Committee seeks to offer service, externally, to the larger community of which we are a part.

Involvement by all facets of the Temple Oheb Shalom membership is crucial to the success of the large and growing menu of projects that the Social Action Committee will be involved in during the coming months and years.

Mitzvah_Afternoon_1.2It is through these projects that the Committee will bring together members of all ages and interests in an effort to improve the quality of life of those around us leading, inevitably, to improving the quality of our own. Working with the Clergy and Board of Trustees, the Social Action Committee will identify short and long term goals that will be acted on as needed.

Among the responsibilities of the Committee is Gan Chiae, the successful community garden which grows and distributes food for the needy; an annual blood drive; and the Yom Kippur Food collection project. TheGarden_CrewSocial Action Committee is developing a policy to address the broader needs in the Baltimore Area and the creation of initiatives that will have a lasting impact on those in the community who require advocacy and support. Your input, energy and knowledge are needed for these goals to be met.