Infant/Pre-toddler/Toddler Goals

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Infants, Pre-Toddlers and Toddlers

From the age of 10 weeks to the time when they begin walking, Learning Ladder children spend their time in the infant and pre-toddler classrooms. These rooms provide the youngest children with opportunities to spend time with nurturing caregivers who provide care in a consistent reliable and predictable environment. Schedules and activities for infant and pre-toddler children are directed by the child’s individual needs.

Communication with Parents – There is excellent communication between parents and teachers. Daily reports are given to families that include information concerning feeding schedules, the amount of food eaten, napping, schedules and diapering time.

Adult/Child Interactions – Adults interact constantly with the children in the infant and pre-toddler rooms. Children are exposed to the interactive speech, singing and activities like blowing bubbles throughout the day. Furthermore, caregivers ensure bodily contact through holding and rocking children.

Activities – Infants are introduced to multi-sensory activities where they are given interesting and safe items that can be held and explored. Soft music is played for auditory stimulation and gentle interaction and talking take place. Toys are alternated for visual stimulation. The pre-toddlers are introduced to simple arts and crafts projects, puppets, flannel board stories, books and songs.


Goals for Toddlers

In the toddler room, adults work with children helping them to begin developing their social, language, mathematical, scientific, and artistic skills as well as introducing Judaic concepts.

Social Skills – Children are encouraged to develop their ability to interact with peers and adults.

Language Skills – Children are encouraged to develop listening and speaking skills.

Mathematic Skills – Children are encouraged to develop age appropriate mathematical awareness.

Scientific Thinking – Children are encouraged to learn about their environment through observing and describing.

Judaic Studies – Children are encouraged to establish a positive Jewish identity and develop familiarity with Jewish celebrations and traditions.

The Arts – Children are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the arts through active engagement.

Physical Skills – Children are encouraged to develop fine and gross motor skills through age appropriate activities and play.


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