Learning Ladder Activities

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Special Activities For Children of All Ages   


Drama: All children at the Learning Ladder have the opportunity to develop imagination, resourcefulness, and creativity through dramatizing stories, songs, and music. Children engage in pretend play and use literature to bring stories to life.

Gym:   All children at the Learning Ladder are given the opportunity to learn the importance of keeping physically fit. During gym class, children work their large muscles activities, learn body parts and practice body coordination by following simple instructions presented by adults. Children engage in activities such as warm up exercises, breathing correctly, bending, stretching, balancing, jumping, hopping, skipping, bean bag tossing, playing with the parachute, and participating in games using the skills of rolling, throwing and catching balls.

Hebrew: All children at the Learning Ladder are given the opportunity to learn basic Hebrew vocabulary. Through activities designed to foster an understanding of Judaism and Judaic principles, children begin to understand and use simple Hebrew terminology. Children learn Hebrew through flannel board, puppets, songs, storytelling, and they are also encouraged to use Hebrew during activities such as Israeli dancing, and holiday and Shabbat celebrations.

In-School Programs: Children in the two year old classroom and up have the opportunity to participate in a variety of in-school programs. We engage the children in a variety of experiences throughout the year to enhance their learning. Special programs at the Learning Ladder include, the Zoo Mobile, Aquarium on Wheels, Puppeteers, Clowns, Musicians and many others! 

Music: All children at the Learning Ladder have the opportunity to learn and appreciate music through singing songs and making sounds. Children engage in musical activities such as tapping and clapping to different kinds of rhythms, using instruments, swaying with scarves, differentiating between loud and soft, dancing, marching, and singing all different types of songs.

Shabbat: All children at the Learning Ladder celebrate Shabbat at the end of each week. Every Friday, a member of Oheb Shalom’s clergy join us to celebrate Shabbat with the children. Children and adults together engage in traditions, as well as a familiarity with Jewish rituals, symbols, and ritual objects. Blessings are recited over the candles, grape juice, challah, as well as the children, and then everyone joins in singing and storytelling.

Storytelling: All children at the Learning Ladder have ample opportunities to be exposed to varied styles and genres of age appropriate literature. By listening to stories read by adults, children are encouraged to develop creative thinking, appreciation and respect for books, a love of reading, as well as build language and vocabulary skills.


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