Pre-Kindergarten Goals

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Goals for the Pre-Kindergarten Class


Social Skills 

Children are encouraged to develop their ability to interact with peers and adults including:

  • Communicating ideas and feelings to others
  • Developing the ability to work with a group
  • Learning to share
  • Understanding and following classroom routines and rules
  • Developing independence and self direction
  • Showing empathy and caring for others
  • Developing skills of conflict resolution through talking rather than physical means
  • Practicing appropriate behaviors for social interaction
  • Building self confidence through successful interactive experiences


Language Skills

Children are encouraged to develop listening and speaking skills as well as pre-reading and writing skills including:

  • Listening and understanding conversation, group discussion and literature
  • Expanding vocabulary through literature and discussion
  • Sharing ideas/asking questions in conversation and discussion
  • Predicting what will happen next in a story
  • Retelling a story/event in logical sequence
  • Showing an interest in words/language
  • Showing an independent interest in books and reading activities
  • Engaging in letter and sound recognition
  • Beginning to build a simple sight vocabulary
  • Engaging in writing and reading written work using letters or letter-like symbols
  • Writing name and familiar words


Mathematic Skills

Children are encouraged to develop age appropriate mathematical thinking and problem solving skills including: 

  • Understanding quantity and number
  • Understanding quantities change when things are added or taken away from the group
  • Recognizing, duplicating and creating patterns
  • Sorting and ordering objects
  • Identifying geometric shapes
  • Understanding positional and comparative words
  • Participating in measuring activities
  • Understanding the concept of time (seasons, months, days)


Scientific Thinking 

Children are encouraged to learn about their environment through observing, questioning, describing and drawing conclusions as they engage in activities such as:

  • Caring for aquarium life
  • Observing life cycles
  • Using a magnifying glass
  • Sinking and floating objects
  • Using magnets
  • Freezing and melting ice cubes
  • Planting and Gardening


Judaic Studies

Children are encouraged to establish a positive Jewish identity and develop knowledge of Jewish celebrations and traditions including:

  • Celebrating Shabbat and reciting prayers, participating in Tot Shabbat with family
  • Learning and celebrating the meaning of each holiday
  • Becoming familiar with bible stories and Biblical characters
  • Becoming familiar with Jewish rituals and ritual objects
  • Learning the meaning of tzedakah (charity), tikkun olam (repairing the world and helping others)
  • Developing a sense of belonging and familiarity in the synagogue
  • Learning relevant Hebrew vocabulary
  • Becoming familiar with the Hebrew alphabet


The Arts

Children are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the arts through active engagement including:

  • Expressing imagination, creativity and resourcefulness through art, music and drama
  • Singing as part of the classroom routine
  • Developing listening skills using different types of music
  • Using a variety of art materials in creative ways
  • Exploring sensory and gross motor activities


Physical Skills

Children are encouraged to develop fine and gross motor skills through age appropriate activity and play.


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