School Highlights

All School Family Shabbaton

Family learning, worship and fun! These Saturday learning experiences allow the entire family to participate in study, prayer, and play. These programs include regular Religious School classes, Adult Education options, a family style Shabbat morning service and Family Education activities. This is a great way to meet other Religious School families and engage in Jewish activities with your own family.


Israel Updates


Throughout the year, students in grades K-6 gather around a 30-foot inflatable map of Israel for a discussion of Israeli geography, current events, and a special Israeli treat.


High Holiday Youth Service


Temple Oheb Shalom offers specialized High Holy Day programming and services for children in first through fifth grades. These worship services run concurrent with our main services during Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur.


Friday Night Family Service


On the first Friday of each month during the school year we offer a fun, family-friendly service. Many of these services have themes that allow all in attendance to have a little more fun by dressing up or down. After services we offer dinner and supervised entertainment for the children so parents are able to socialize with each other.


Hebrew Word of The Day


Using funny, catchy sentences and pictures, the entire school is taught a new Hebrew word each week. These sentences serve as memory aids in building an extensive Hebrew vocabulary.


Mid-Week Hebrew Drop-In


All registered students are eligible to participate in this optional program for Hebrew enrichment, extra help, or practice. Hebrew tutors are available Tuesdays from 4:30PM-6:00PM at no additional charge.


Modern Hebrew Immersion


An Israeli native and Hebrew language specialist visits with each grade multiple times each month to teach and reinforce everyday Hebrew words and phrases though fun learning activities, songs, and games. Pre-K and Kindergarten meet weekly with the specialist to form a strong foundation in the Hebrew language.


Independent Learning Center


We understand that a traditional classroom is not the best learning environment for every child. The Independent Learning Center (ILC) was created to provide a safe, controlled space where children can learn at their own pace and in their own way. ILC children have individualized curricula and their progress is measured by personal growth and improvement. The ILC is open to all students in grades 2 - 7, and serves those who need extra help and those who need enrichment.


Clergy Breakfasts


Each student and his/her family are invited once each year to an informal Sunday morning breakfast with classmates and our clergy. These gatherings provide opportunities to create and grow relationships with the families of your child's classmates and allow your family to get to know and create relationships with our clergy.