Learning Ladder Staff

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“To teach is to learn twice”


The Learning Ladder selects faculty members with great care. In addition to their highly qualified and professional backgrounds and certifications in early childhood education, the Learning Ladder teachers are warm, nurturing and sensitive individuals. Each lead teacher has completed courses from an accredited college or university, and is certified in Early Childhood Education/Infant Development. They are experienced in working with young children and are required to participate in approved continuing education training each year. Many of our lead teachers have worked at the Learning Ladder since its inception in 2001. Our assistant teachers are experienced in working with young children and have completed the 90-hour requirement in Curriculum Planning and Child Development. All of our staff members have completed CPR and First Aid training.


Faculty members are always available to discuss each child’s educational, emotional and developmental skills and achievements. Learning Ladder staff encourage children to express themselves and respond appropriately to the individual needs of each child.


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