Three Year Old Goals

3yos menorah

Goals for the Three Year Old Class


Social Skills

Children are encouraged to develop their ability to interact with peers and adults including:

  • Engaging happily in solitary and parallel play
  • Joining other children at play
  • Participating in group activities
  • Understanding and following classroom routines and rules
  • Learning to share and take turns
  • Showing empathy and caring for others
  • Using appropriate manners and respectful words
  • Following classroom rules


Language Skills

Children are encouraged to develop listening and speaking skills as well as pre-reading and writing skills including:

  • Listening with understanding to directions and conversations
  • Speaking clearly enough to be understood by adults and peers
  • Engaging in conversations with adults and peers
  • Developing the ability to speak in complete sentences
  • Listening with interest and understanding to stories read aloud
  • Recognizing letters of the alphabet
  • Developing awareness of rhyming    


Mathematics Skills

Children are encouraged to develop age appropriate mathematical thinking and problem solving skills including:

  • Understanding quantity, number and counting 
  • Recognizing and sequencing patterns
  • Sorting objects
  • Identifying simple shapes
  • Participating in measuring activities
  • Understanding comparative words


Scientific Thinking

Children are encouraged to learn about their environment through observing, questioning, describing and drawing conclusions as they engage in activities such as:

  • Planting and growing seeds
  • Experimenting with water through water play
  • Creating shadows
  • Using magnets
  • Using the senses to explore classroom materials and nature
  • Making comparisons among objects to find similarities and differences


Judaic Studies

 Children are encouraged to establish a positive Jewish identity and develop knowledge of Jewish celebrations and traditions including:

  • Celebrating Shabbat and reciting the prayers, participating in Tot Shabbat with family
  • Learning the meaning of tzedakah, derech eretz, and mitzvah
  • Learning simple Hebrew vocabulary and songs


The Arts

Children are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the arts through active engagement including:

  • Expressing imagination, creativity and resourcefulness through art, music and drama
  • Singing as part of the classroom routine
  • Developing listening skills using different types of music
  • Exploring different sounds and rhythms through music
  • Using a variety of art materials in creative ways
  • Exploring sensory and gross motor activities


Physical Skills

Children are encouraged to develop fine and gross motor skills through age appropriate activity and play in gym class and in dramatic play.           


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