Two Year Old Goals

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Goals for the Two-Year Old Class

Social Skills
Children are encouraged to develop their ability to interact with peers and adults including:

• Engaging happily in solitary and parallel play
• Participating in group activities
• Learning and following classroom routines and rules
• Learning to share and take turns
• Beginning to show empathy and caring for others

Language Skills
Children are encouraged to develop listening and speaking skills including:

• Using words to communicate
• Beginning to speak in complete sentences
• Building vocabulary
• Understanding and following directions
• Understanding and answering questions
• Listening with interest to stories

Mathematics Skills
Children are encouraged to develop age appropriate mathematical skills including:

• Becoming familiar with concepts of number and quantity
• Becoming familiar with shapes and patterns
• Developing number recognition

Scientific Thinking
Children are encouraged to learn about their environment through observing, questioning and describing as they engage in activities such as:

• Colors
• Kitchen Science
• Magnets
• Planting
• Water Play

Judaic Studies
Children are encouraged to establish a positive Jewish identity and develop familiarity with Jewish celebrations and traditions including:

• Celebrating Shabbat, reciting the prayers, and participating in Tot Shabbat with family
• Celebrating and learning the stories of each holiday
• Learning the meaning of tzedakah (charity), tikkun olam (make the world a better place), and helping others
• Learning simple Hebrew vocabulary

The Arts
Children are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the arts through active engagement including:

• Expressing imagination, creativity and resourcefulness through art, music and drama
• Singing as part of the classroom routine
• Developing listening skills using different kinds of music
• Exploring a variety of art materials in creative ways
• Exploring sensory and gross motor activities

Physical Skills
Children are encouraged to develop fine and gross motor skills through age appropriate activities and play.


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